Mark Albert


Our family has bought and sold ALL our homes through Mark... his understanding of the market and his negotiating skills have made these experiences painless and profitable. Not only did he handle the transctions well, he was there with us through every step, helping us work through the inevitable "bumps" that this situation puts you through... all in all a very good experience.

Bruce & Philippa A., Toronto, ON

Mark consulted and assisted us with buying and selling our homes.

Mark put our interests first, never rushed us to make any decisions. He would do the research to get the full picture and all aspects; readying us for unexpected difficulties that might come our way.  He was always punctual, polite and respectful.

Before we met Mark, we were looking for a house to buy for more than two years and almost gave up.  On our first meeting Mark said: “Do not worry, I will help you buy a house.”  We told him that it might take a long time; and even after that we may not find a home for ourselves; so it might be a waste of his time.  His response was: “I want to help you.  It is my pleasure to find the house you like.” He was patient and kept his promise.

We really appreciated Mark’s experience, analytical and research skills.  Wehad specific conditions and requirements, in regards to the location and aspects of the actual house.  I would not say, it was an easy job to meet them all.  Mark would suggest, advise and offer his opinion; but the last word was ours and he never dominated or pushed us to accept his point of view.  We constantly kept in touch and felt we were taken care of; even when either of us were away. We valued that.

We would recommend Mark because of his expertise, knowledge and dedication to help his clients fulfill their dreams.

Oksana and Serhiy

I’ve been very lucky to work with Mark on an ongoing basis since around 2001. Mark is extremely patient and really on your side when buying a property. He never pushes, only giving advice if needed.

I was investing in my first home in Toronto,  having come from the U.K., where buying property is completely different.  Mark held my hand every step of the way, ensuring I had the best deal. He exceeded every expectation I ever thought, I would get from a real estate agent. 

Skills and qualities most appreciated were his “total honesty” and it not “about  getting the sale”.

I would totally recommend Mark and would not use anyone else myself.