Mark Albert


The Real in Real Estate

14 November 2018
Mark Albert

Hello Real world! – The Real in Real Estate

The dash between For Sale and Sold. SECRET of a Real Estate AGENT.

(republished and edited from my MarkMyWordzBlog on Wordpress in 2012)

This is my first blog on my new website and I don’t know what will be next but I know that I have something to say – something you haven’t heard before.

This is my thirty-third year working in the Real Estate industry! Thirty-three years! I entered this business the same year my son was born – 1985. I can hardly believe it.

A couple of years back, I talked to one our Realtron associates about his career in real estate:

“O.K. Harv, I know how I got into real estate and when I got in – but how do we get out?”

I’m (now at the time of this publication) 62 years old -( yikes! that looks worse than I thought it would in print) – so you can do the math.

Harv’s retort was: “I promised my wife that would retire in 14 years, no matter what.”

“How old are you now, Harv?”

Harv: “Eighty-six.”

(Yikes – I think that was now six years ago)

It has been some journey with so many stories along the way and I want to tell some of those stories. I am not talking about what you should do or shouldn’t do. I am telling you about what people did or didn’t do and throwing in some of what they should or shouldn’t have done.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Western Ontario. My plan: Become a Social Worker and save at least a part of the world. Also move out of the house, party and meet girls.

The Result: I became a capitalist, went into retail sales and decided to let someone else save the world. Oh…and I met a girl and married her *(*now deceased ; I've since re-married and happily ever after).

I moved on from that and there to different vocations and different cities. In 1984/85, having moved from my hometown of Belleville, to a lovely suburb of Kingston, I completed and activated my real estate license. I had no idea that the next decade was going to change my life in such challenging and interesting ways.

In the blogs to come, I will share some of those challenging stories, mostly as they relate to real estate. You may have heard this interpretation of the dash(-) on the cemetery headstone between the date a person was born and the date they died. The important part of that equation is the dash between birth and death. How do we live our dash?

I will share my dash, where it fits, between 1985-now. I will also share the dash between For Sale - Sold.  That time from when you see a property for sale and what may happen before it achieves its sold status.

I hope to make this a compelling, insightful and perhaps humourous perspective on the dash between.