Mark Albert


Work of Mouth

10 April 2019
Mark Albert

For the past thirty-four and a half years my work has been founded on my word and the word of my clients. 

That word has lead to my work. What does that mean?  That means that I have never left a client wanting, lacking or disappointed. That means that when a client trusts me with, often, their most valuable asset, they want to know that I will do my best for them. That it is not all about the deal but about the people involved. What compromises, sacrifices or rewards will they be subject to? In the end, my clients are confident that I have done the job and during the process, they have been assured by my involvement.

Of course, this sounds simple but is it? 

I recently re-connected with a dear client.  She and her husband, (let's call them Mr. and Mrs.S Sr.) , are doing the best they can to be more than just functional in life.  They sold their home, with me as their listing agent, and are living in a retirement complex.  Now, before they awarded me the opportunity and trust to sell their home, I had sold their deceased daughter's home. Here is where personal out-weighs objective.  I had represented their daughter, as her agent, some years ago when she had bought this first home.  She found the whole process very stressful, so wanted and needed someone to hold her hand, be honest and candid and be available to help her with the anxiety of this very significant event.  She saw that in me, because another client had assured her that I was the person for the job.  She had told me, at the time, that she had a cousin that was in the business but just felt most comfortable with me. Five years pass and unfortunately so does "S".  What was interesting and validating here, was that "S" had specifically requested that, should her health challenge end in her early demise, that I be engaged to help Mr. and Mrs. S Sr. process the sale of "S"s home. And so it came to be that, with tears and memories and even some time and place for laughter, we proceeded to get "S"'s house in order and ready for market. Besides some of the memorabilia, "S" had also managed to collect a number of items in quantity, still in their original packaging, that may have been more likely found in Walmart.  Every nook and cranny was filled. Through a number of different efforts and services, we managed to help them clear the place. "S"'s Dad (Mr. S. Sr.) would often show up to the house just to visit the spirit of his daughter.  Few words, just thoughts and images that might leak out in tears during his time there. At these times, some words, a gentle touch or a memory revisited offered some comfort and even some laughter might be released into the air and space we shared- and then it was back to the plan.  It took less than thirty days to sell and close the sale of "S" s home. No pressure tactics or agents accosting Mr. and Mrs. S. Sr, and time was given to review the rewards and risks of the Agreements of Purchase and Sale. The decision was sound and gave Mr and Mrs. S sr. what they needed, when they needed it.

Two years later, Mr and Mrs. S Sr. call me. They are ready to sell their family home. The home they have raised their kids in. This again was more than a property transaction. They wanted me to get involved.  Now, I should add here that my wife, who was in real estate for a very short time (and that's another bunch of stories) after she retired as an educator, had been very much involved in the process with "S". So when Mr. and Mrs. S Sr. had engaged me, again, it was also with the hope that, said wife, would be involved. We approached the work with empathy and care, nurturing the energy of the home, which may have suffered some neglect, back to a welcoming and pleasant place for a new family.  Again we exceeded expectations, selling in one day over asking price (before that became a standard) and guiding them gently through the process and their move.

I do market and sell houses but my focus is on helping people make their transition in the most caring and yes, rewarding way. It is through this good word of mouth that I get good work and through my good work I get this good word of mouth, that has sustained my career for more than three decades.

Everyone leaves their mark but I hope that my "mark of sold" is unique.